Containerised Cargo Survey

We provide a wide variety of services for containerised cargoes. Below you will find some more detail on the main containerised cargo inspections undertaken by our office. Our inspections and formal reports are tailored to suit all client instructions.

Packing and Unloading Inspections

This typically involves internal and external inspection of the container ensuring it is fit for transport and not damage, the correct number for as per shipping information and correct type of container for the intended use. Verification of correct cargo packaging, labels and quantities inline with the shipping notes and manifests. Inspection of the packing process and cargo securing to determine whether any damage was caused during this process and that the cargo will not be damaged during transport. Finally the Inspection of sealing recording the seal number and checking the security so unauthorised entry is prevented and can be tracked.

High Value Cargo

We can observe high-value container loading and discharge operations; this involves an external inspection of the container`s condition ensuring that it is not damaged prior to loading/discharge. Recording seal numbers and checking them against the dispatch seal number and any recorded entries. Observing the loading or discharge and securing processes to ensure that the container was not damaged at any point and that it is adequately secured for the method of transport.

Damage Inspection

When container and cargoes have been damaged in transit, it is necessary to estimate the extent of damage and where possible to establish the cause and extent for use in any claim for compensation. We undertake instructions on behalf of insurers, lawyers, cargo owners and shipping agents to inspect the damage and produce a tailored report that can be used by our instructing client where required.

Dangerous Goods

The transportation of dangerous goods now is highly legislated with various rules depending on the method of transportation. Our offices offer expert advice and inspections on dangerous goods and compliance with these rules. Currently we conduct dangerous goods inspections for various shipping lines on a weekly basis for dangerous goods leaving ports all over Europe. We assess cargo and container condition, correct labelling, packing and access to name a few fields. We can inspect a random or targeted selection of containers to your wishes following the container through from arrival into the port, inspection, pass or failure, re-examination if required and release for shipment. We can also inspect damaged or failed containers containing dangerous goods.

Fresh Produce

We often inspect cargoes of fresh produce, usually in the event of damage or unsuitable transport conditions. Ascertain the degree of damage or loss, collect reports from involved parties along with container temperature data to identify a cause and evaluate losses.

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